How to Sell monsoon update live to a Skeptic

This past weekend, the first day of the monsoon season, was a little wet. I was glad it didn’t last longer. It’s still early in the season so everything is still mostly green, but it was still pretty nice. The humidity was a little high, but it’s better than the rain we had last year. It was a good way to start the summer.

The good news is that the monsoon is finally starting to dry out. The bad news is that the monsoon season is still pretty much over. It is still very hot and humid, but it is starting to ease up on the heat. Its also starting to become cooler, so we are getting a little bit of relief on the humidity. Its still a good reminder that monsoon season is still going on, but it is a bit more relaxed now.

The good news is that the heat isn’t really going away. The bad news is that the humidity has also started to drop. Now that its finally drying out, its just beginning to feel more comfortable. It is getting a little bit cooler (about 15ºF in the afternoon here), which means less heat and less humidity. The monsoon season will be over once the heat starts to fade.

The thing about monsoon season is that it is just as hot as summer. However, there are a lot fewer cool days. Now that it is easing up, there is more humidity. A lot of the time we can start to feel the heat when its 80 or 90F, but it is more like 80 or 90F less everyday. I can feel it in the air, but its not too unbearable.

Its cool, its humid, and its the perfect season for a good monsoon. The rain will be on the increase, but its also just a little bit cooler than the heat.

The monsoon season doesn’t always begin until mid-Dec, so its not really the time to be in the rain. That said, there is just a bit less humidity than summer. This is the time when monsoon season ends and the weather turns to a cool wet foggy type of weather, but with less rain on the ground.

It can be a bit of a challenge going from one type of climate to another, and it can be hard to find the right time for a monsoon. I’m not exactly sure what that time is, but I can assure you that its not too soon to get in if you are planning on visiting during the rains.

One thing to know is that monsoon season extends for about a month, between August and October. So the best time to visit in monsoon season is definitely during the middle of August and again between September and October. But it can also be during the winter months, August or September depending on where you live.

During monsoon season, the monsoon rains are so intense they can destroy your entire crops, leading to a food shortage and extreme water scarcity. So the best time to visit is during the middle of the month or during the months of August and September (the latter during which you will be able to visit monsoon season). That being said, there are a few places in India where you can visit during monsoon season.

Of all the monsoon seasons, the monsoon season in India is the one that gets the most attention. It is also the most dangerous. During the monsoon season, the intense rainstorms can kill you or severely injure you. And there are many places where you can visit during monsoon season. But the most popular one is at Goa, which is the southernmost point in India.

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