The rain in coimbatore Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We’ve Seen

When it’s raining in Coimbatore, it’s raining in Coimbatore. So when it’s not raining, I like to wear a sweater and sandals. It’s not like it’s raining in Coimbatore, but it is raining in my heart.

Rain in Coimbatore, this is one of those little moments in life where you just get a warm fuzzy and a warm fuzzy moment. Well, rain in Coimbatore, this is one of those moments where you just get a warm fuzzy and you have to write this as soon as you can.

Coimbatore is an ancient city, and the majority of Coimbatore is about two miles square. It was built around the beginning of the 20th century. The city’s main landmark is the river, and its main landmark is the city’s main gate. I remember that, as a kid, I could never really see the river, but I can at least see the river.

The city is on the banks of the river, and one of its main landmarks is a monument. It’s a simple monument made of stone, and it points to a different part of Coimbatore. There’s a big waterwheel, and a fountain that looks as if it’s water from a fountain. There’s also the monument to the citys first president, and a giant statue of the river.

The river isn’t that big, and the other landmark in the city is the main gate. The gate is made of brick, and its made in the same city as the waterwheel, but the waterwheel is made in a different city. That makes it hard to be sure if its the same one, but based on the size of the city, and the fact that there are three monuments to the citys first president, it could be.

A small amount of rain would mean that some people are very wet. It would be harder to be sure if the rain was going to be enough to make us wet. As you can imagine, it’s too much rain to actually get a good grip on the rain, so we’re not going to be wet for longer than we want.

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