why did mangal pandey killed the british officer

In an attempt to get back at the British government after the death of his son in a police custody, Pandey’s brother-in-law shot the British officer in the head on 30th December, 2016. The officer’s son was just three years old. Pandey tried to explain the situation to the officer but was knocked out and killed. Pandey then committed suicide.

Pandey’s wife also suffered the loss of her son and husband. The police officer, who was in the vehicle when the gun was fired, was killed. It appears, however, that it was her husband who pushed the gun into the officer’s head. Police say the officer used to be married to an earlier man, but the police were unable to reveal his identity.

I guess his wife’s death is a good thing because the husband should have been arrested for murder instead of just leaving her to die. But I think a more appropriate and more tragic story would have been if the wife had killed the officers son instead of the husband. She probably knew him from previous relationships and had a bad habit of pushing him to kill others.

I guess the best thing for the officers daughter would have been to have killed her father instead of her husband. As a father, this would have been a much better story.

I think the best and most tragic story would have been if the wife had killed one of them rather than just the husband. I would have felt more sympathy for the officers family.

Well, it seems that the mother of the officer killed by pandey is the one trying to find a solution. She’s the one who wants her daughter to be killed instead of her husband, and that is because she knows what happened to her husband and was trying to keep him from seeing it. She seems to be having a lot of trouble at the moment with her daughter’s actions as well.

Pandey was the officer that killed the British officer in the movie. It was pretty obvious that he was insane, but I don’t think that he would have killed him intentionally. He was trying to make it look like his wife had killed him.

It’s a shame that mangal pandey has become the monster that she is. It was a movie and a movie was a movie, but her actions against her husband clearly upset him enough to kill a British army officer. She’s a very selfish bitch and she will probably take her own life. However, I think she’s just having some problems at the moment.

In the world of the film, it’s probably easy to see why mangal pandey killed the officer. It’s a hard story to see and one that’s got many layers to it. But if we take a step back and look at the story of the movie, mangal pandey is the villain, not the main character. The main character is a woman who wants to kill her husband and she kills him by stabbing him.

The movie opens with a really interesting scene of the officer killing a fellow british officer. The officer is a police officer who has a very complicated relationship with his captain, so he seems to have a very bad relationship with the captain. But he’s also an amnesiac who is a jealous and jealous british officer, which he wants to kill his captain. The captain’s a little slow because he’s not a british officer because he doesn’t want to kill his captain.

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