Ultimate Guide to RPF Syllabus 2024


The Railway Protection Force (RPF) entrance exam is a highly competitive examination conducted by the Indian Railways, attracting thousands of aspirants every year. To crack this exam, understanding the RPF syllabus is crucial. The syllabus comprises various subjects and topics from which questions are asked in the exam. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the detailed syllabus for the upcoming 2024 RPF exam to help candidates prepare effectively.

RPF Syllabus 2024

The RPF syllabus for 2024 consists of several key subjects and topics. Here is a breakdown of the subjects along with their sub-topics:

General Awareness
1. Current Affairs: National & International events, Awards, Sports, Books & Authors.
2. History & Geography: Indian History, World History, Indian & World Geography.
3. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
4. Indian Polity & Economy: Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj, Economic development.

1. Number System: LCM & HCF, Simplification, Decimals & Fractions.
2. Ratio & Proportion: Percentage, Average, Profit & Loss.
3. Time & Work: Time & Distance, Simple & Compound Interest, Mensuration.
4. Algebra: Basic algebraic identities, Linear equations.

General Intelligence & Reasoning
1. Analogies: Symbolic/Number Analogy, Figural Analogy.
2. Coding & Decoding: Coding by Letter Shifting, Coding & Decoding by letter shifting.
3. Mathematical Operations: Equation-based questions.
4. Syllogism: Statement & Conclusions, Venn Diagram.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How should I start preparing for the RPF exam?
A: Begin by understanding the RPF syllabus thoroughly and create a study plan covering all subjects.

Q: Is the RPF exam tough to crack?
A: The RPF exam is competitive, but with diligent preparation and practice, candidates can excel.

Q: Are there any negative marks in the RPF exam for wrong answers?
A: Yes, for each wrong answer, 1/3rd of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as a penalty.

Q: Are there any physical fitness tests in the RPF exam?
A: Yes, after clearing the written exam, candidates need to pass physical efficiency tests as per the prescribed standards.

Q: Can I use a calculator in the RPF exam?
A: Calculators are not allowed in the exam hall. Candidates must perform all calculations manually.


To succeed in the RPF exam 2024, candidates must cover all subjects of the syllabus diligently. Regular practice, solving mock tests, and revising the concepts are essential for scoring well in the exam. By understanding the RPF syllabus and focusing on weak areas, aspirants can enhance their preparation and boost their chances of success.

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