Unraveling the Mystery of Saguni Tamil Movie

The 2012 Tamil historical comedy film “Saguni” directed by Shankar Dayal and starring Karthi, Pranitha Subhash, and Santhanam, is a delightful addition to the Tamil cinema industry. The film blends elements of comedy, drama, and political satire to tell the story of a man, Kamalakannan, played by Karthi, who unwittingly gets entangled in the world of politics and power.

The Plot

The plot of “Saguni” unfolds as Kamalakannan, an aspiring youngster, gets embroiled in political affairs due to a series of events beyond his control. The movie takes a satirical look at the political landscape of Tamil Nadu, highlighting the rampant corruption and power play within the system. As Kamalakannan navigates the murky waters of politics, he encounters a myriad of characters, each with their own motivations and agendas. The film’s narrative is interspersed with humor and wit, making it an entertaining watch for audiences.

Character Analysis


At the heart of the story is Kamalakannan, portrayed by Karthi, who delivers a stellar performance as a naive yet resourceful young man caught in the web of politics. Kamalakannan’s character undergoes significant growth throughout the film, transforming from a carefree individual to a shrewd player in the political arena.


Sridevi, played by Pranitha Subhash, serves as Kamalakannan’s love interest and provides a romantic subplot to the narrative. Her character adds depth to the storyline and showcases the emotional facets of Kamalakannan’s journey.

Rajini Bhaskar

Rajini Bhaskar, portrayed by Santhanam, contributes comic relief to the film with his impeccable timing and witty dialogues. His character provides lighthearted moments in contrast to the serious tone of the political drama unfolding in the background.

Themes Explored

“Saguni” delves into themes that are prevalent in Indian society, particularly in the political realm. Corruption, power struggles, and the manipulation of public perception are some of the central themes explored in the movie. Through its characters and storyline, the film offers a nuanced commentary on the state of politics and governance, showcasing both the absurdity and harsh realities of the system.

Reception and Impact

Upon its release, “Saguni” received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. While some praised the film for its engaging narrative and strong performances, others critiqued its pacing and lack of originality in certain aspects. Despite the mixed reception, “Saguni” managed to strike a chord with Tamil cinema enthusiasts and emerged as a commercially successful venture at the box office.

Legacy and Cultural Significance

Over the years, “Saguni” has garnered a cult following among fans of Tamil cinema. The film’s memorable dialogues, catchy music, and charismatic performances have contributed to its enduring popularity. “Saguni” continues to be remembered as a unique blend of comedy and political drama, showcasing the creative prowess of its cast and crew.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is “Saguni” based on a true story?

A1: No, “Saguni” is a work of fiction that uses political satire to entertain and engage audiences.

Q2: What is the significance of the title “Saguni”?

A2: The title “Saguni” refers to the character played by Santhanam in the film, who adds humor and levity to the storyline.

Q3: How was Karthi’s performance in “Saguni” received?

A3: Karthi’s portrayal of Kamalakannan in “Saguni” was well-received by audiences and critics alike for its authenticity and depth.

Q4: What are some memorable dialogues from “Saguni”?

A4: Dialogues like “Ippa vandhuten da mapla” and “Enna Koduma Sir Idhu” have become iconic among fans of the film.

Q5: Does “Saguni” address any social issues?

A5: Yes, the film delves into themes of corruption, power dynamics, and societal critique within the context of politics.

Q6: Are there any notable songs in the “Saguni” soundtrack?

A6: Yes, tracks like “Manasellam Mazhaiye” and “Kandha Kaara Vadai” are popular among audiences for their catchy tunes.

Q7: How did “Saguni” perform at the box office?

A7: Despite mixed reviews, “Saguni” was a commercial success and fared well at the box office.

Q8: Who directed “Saguni”?

A8: Shankar Dayal directed the film “Saguni,” bringing his unique vision to the screenplay.

Q9: What makes “Saguni” stand out from other Tamil films?

A9: The blend of comedy, drama, and political satire sets “Saguni” apart, offering audiences a refreshing take on familiar themes.

Q10: Are there any sequels or spin-offs planned for “Saguni”?

A10: As of now, there are no official announcements regarding sequels or spin-offs related to the film “Saguni.”

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